Uploading your actual signature is a horrible idea

At some point you may be requested to sign a document online or you may have to decide on an electronic signature and digital signature provider.

Most providers these days try to mimic real world signatures by allowing a signer to upload their actual signatures, but this can come at a great cost to you.


Before we get to the why, let me start by asking you this.  Do you really want your actual signature floating around on the Internet?  I hope you answered with a big “NO”.

Now to answer the why, and you’ve already answered a part of the question above. By signing an electronic document using your actual signature will allow someone with bad intentions to quickly and easily copy your signature, and easily place that signature on any document they choose.

For example, we’ve all heard of incidences where people had car loans, home loans, credit cards, etc., things that they were completely unaware of where people had copied their signatures. When this happens, you are still responsible for those loans, credits cards, etc., and it may take years to clean up the mess.  Why would anyone want to intentionally put themselves into that position, and the answer to that is we usually don’t think that far ahead.  Don’t fall for the cool factor because it comes at a very high cost to you.

DocVerify does not allow signers to upload their signatures because security and protection are the number one priorities, and most importantly DocVerify started as a document security and document integrity company.  Electronic signature providers that allow signers to upload their actual signatures have indirectly provided you a window into their substandard security practices. Most providers’ security standards are nothing more than smoke and mirrors as demonstrated by allowing actual uploaded signatures.  When choosing a provider you should be very concerned with the methods they use, securing documents, integrity protection because you may ultimately be liable if one of your signer’s signatures is stolen and used.

Don’t risk it.  DocVerify It.

DocVerify is both an electronic signature and digital signature provider.


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